Departments, Institutes, and Graduate Fields

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Weill Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology

Cornell Graduate School
Graduate Field of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Graduate Field of Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology (BMCB)


Chemistry Seminars
Molecular Biology and Genetics Seminars

Biomedical Sciences Seminars
Molecular Medicine Seminars
Biomedical Engineering Seminars
University/Messenger Lectures

Online Tools

Quartzy (Intranet: inventory, ordering, lab calendar, instrument sign-up) 
Cornell Laboratory Safety Manual and Chemical Hygiene Plan

Web of Science (literature search)
PubMed (literature search)
BLAST (search for regions of similarity between biological sequences)
NCBI list of all databases (PubChem, OMIM, Gene, Nucleotide, PubMed Central, etc.)
Uniprot (protein sequence and functional information)
GeneCards (human gene database)
 (genome browser)

ELM (eukaryotic linear motif resource)
SMART database (protein domain identification)
PSIPRED (secondary structure prediction)
(meta server for sequence analysis)

PHYRE (protein fold structure prediction)
PFAM (protein families database)
Clustal (alignment of protein sequences)
BioGRID (protein-protein interaction partners)

CRAPome (database of common non-specific protein binding partners)
Consurf (evolutionary conservation of protein sequences)
ProtParam (computation of protein physical and chemical parameters)

PhosphoGRID (phosphorylation site search)
Posttranslational modification prediction resources
Codon Usage Table

Fluorophore spectral information
Helical wheel program
NEB: Restriction enzyme cleavage close to the end of DNA fragments

Phusion polymerase melting temperature calculator
Benchwise (crowd-sourced reviews of antibody effectiveness)
Essentials of Glycobiology (online textbook)
Cloning Guide (Clontech)
Cloning Guide (NEB)
Not Voodoo (Comprehensive guide to synthetic organic chemistry)
Safety Net (Organic chemistry website focusing on safety, including SOPs)

And finally, some light-hearted things.

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